Kongscut Land Trust
Zihrup Open Space Preserve21
Owned in Fee89.73 acres
Lot W-5A Windham Road
Glastonbury, CT
Description: This 90 acre parcel lies on the west side of Windham Road Glastonbury CT, partly west of the abandoned section beyond the gate. To drive there you need to go through Marlborough via West St. and Islieb Rd. It is surrounded by state forest to the east, south, and west. There is private land to the north owned by Jurgelas - and Weir which is essentially landlocked with no possibility for an access road. The land is covered with mature forest, except for the highest areas where soils are thin and growth is stunted. The Shenipsit Trail, maintained by CFPA, passes through, and KLT also maintains a loop Trail (blue& white) off Windham Rd.
Notable Features: Tied for the highest point in Glastonbury, with the top of John Tom Hill at elevation 881’. There are a couple of holly trees way back in the woods along the western border. How they got there no one knows. The headwaters of Dickinson Creek, which flows through Marlborough and eventually to the Salmon River, originate on the Zihrup preserve.
Conservation Purpose: Rattlesnake habitat (state endangered species)—Also other wildlife.
Deed Restrictions: No building or construction. To be used for passive recreation and nature study. No four wheel drive vehicles, trail bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles or hunting.
Preserve Management: Standard policy applies Maintain trails for foot traffic (CFPA and KLT).
Acquisition Date: 1990-01-01
Acquisition History: This land was a gift from Alexander and Melba Zihrup- given in installments 1981-1986. It was KLT’s first property. Later the Zihrups also remembered KLT in their will with a substantial bequest.

The Kongscut Land Trust, Inc. is a nonprofit land trust approved by the Internal Revenue Service to receive donations of land, money and conservation easements which are tax deductible to the maximum extent permitted by law. Donations or inquiries should be directed to the president or any other member of the Board of Directors.