Kongscut Land Trust
Choma Easement28
Easement0.037 acres
147 Wickham Road
Glastonbury, CT
Parent Preserve: Fern Hollow Preserve
Description: 1600 square feet (40 ft by 40 ft) of woodland at NW corner of 147 Wickham RD property. 147 Wickham is a rear lot accessible by a long driveway opposite the Bednarz barn. This easement area adjoins 12 acres which in 1996 was given to KLT in fee, which is known as the Fern Hollow Preserve.
Notable Features: Reported habitat of the Hartford Fern (Lygodium palmatum).
Conservation Purpose: To protect one of the few remaining growths of Hartford Fern. Although no human disturbance has taken place the fern seems to have died out on its own. The president of the Conn. Botanical Society was unable to find any remnants when he visited the site in the year 2000.
Deed Restrictions: The deed prohibits all construction activity and vegetative disturbance.
Preserve Management: Standard policy applies.
Acquisition Date: 1990-01-01
Acquisition History: The easement was given to KLT in 1990 by Susan Choma.

The Kongscut Land Trust, Inc. is a nonprofit land trust approved by the Internal Revenue Service to receive donations of land, money and conservation easements which are tax deductible to the maximum extent permitted by law. Donations or inquiries should be directed to the president or any other member of the Board of Directors.